Spray foam insulation as a protective meassure

Fireproofing is a fire protection measure that is essential in all building.
As full service insulation contractor providing you with the option to fireproof every structure with our unique pray foams.

At NY INSULATE, we have skilled applicators of spray foam insulation and flame seal that have the particular experience in residential and commercial applications.

Fireproofing helps prevent a structure from completely burning and collapsing in the event of a fire.

It is important to take every possible precaution to guarantee your safety and the safety of others.

According to FDNY there have been a total of 25,254 structural fires in 2012

Fireproof spray foam insulation is becoming more and more popular due to its effectiveness.

Our foam is applied thermal barrier designed to help you meet building code and insurance requirements.

It is made of fire retardant material that is effective in high Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures it is also no toxic. Spray foam insulation is used on the roof, ceilings and walls of a building structure.

NY INSULATE uses both open-cell foam and closed-cell foam insulation for fireproofing.

These two types of spray foam insulation are both excellent to retard the transfer of thermal heat. Fire can't spread without oxygen, so the airtight spray foam is ideal to prevent air seepage. However, the use of the open-cell spray foam is preferred by NY INSULATE because it is easier and cheaper to use. Fiberglass and Cotton insulation don't perform well as an air barrier, so it's totally inefficient for your fireproofing needs.

Spray foam can't be applied without a thermal or ignition barrier! Read More

NY INSULATE offers Flame Seal TB™ which is a coating for spray foam insulation.

Flame Seal is a fire retardant coating that performs as a thermal and ignition barrier. In addition, it has received certifications from the ICC which means it's a reliable safeguard product. Every element of the Flame Seal is fire retardant, so it's not flammable in anyway. The Flame Seal can't be applied anywhere that is constantly exposed to moisture. However, a weather proof topcoat can be placed on it. Nonetheless, Flame Seal is typically used in the interior of the home.

At NY INSULATE, we have skilled applicators of spray foam insulation and flame seal that have experience in residential and commercial applications. Our technicians have extensive knowledge about the products we use and how to properly apply it. You can trust us with all of your fireproofing needs.

    Fire Proof Insulation:
  • Commonly used in attics and walls
  • Effective in high temperatures
  • Closed/Open Cell foundation & uses flame seal

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